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WWE Raw results 09/01/2017


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As we go to WWE Raw results 09/01/2017 we can see  Stephanie McMahon is seated with Mick Foley, and she’s giving her Raw General Manager a performance review. saw last week. Foley is asked to address the Undertaker rumors, and he tells Stephanie that The Deadman will be in The Big Easy. Seth Rollins enters the room and announces he’ll be in the Royal Rumble match. But Braun Strowman comes in screaming for Roman Reigns and Bill Goldberg. He’s demanding Goldberg or Roman Reigns in a match and spells “or else.” Foley tries to convince him, but Rollins takes a chance by a bold move to start a fight with Strowman and starts punching him. But Stephanie McMahon stops and says she will handle this.

And here WWE Raw results 09/01/2017 starts by hitting Roman Reigns Music. The two one one handicap match for the United States Championship, but Braun Strowman comes out and starts brawling with Roman Reigns. Jericho and Owens joins the him and it’s a three on one against Reigns. But however Seth Rollins enters into a ring with the steel chair. Rollins hits Owens and Jericho with the steel chair. Reigns brings in a steel chair of his own. Rollins and Reigns with a double chair shot to the back that sends Strowman to the outside of teh ring. Stephanie McMahon comes out on the stage. Tonight’s show is not going to start or end this way. Stephanie announces that the Handicap US Title Match will be the main event of tonight’s show and Seth Rollins will take on Braun Strowman, next.

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Seth Rollins Vs. Braun Strowmen

This big versus little match was pretty entertaining. Rollins and Strowman had a decent fight where Strowmen dominated Rollins. But however Rollins managed to balance the match. Rollins gets Strowman off the corner and connects with a frog splash for a two count. Rollins catches Strowman with another knee to the head from the ring apron. Rollins gets up on the top turnbuckle, jumps and Strowman moves causing Rollins to crash into the ring barricade. The referee begins the count and eventually reaches 10. He calls for the bell.

Winner: Rollins and Strowman fights to double count out

After the match Strowman tries to attack Rollins with the steel chair, but Rollins delivers a knee dropkick and picks the steel chair. But Strowmen retreats.

Bayley wants to know how Sasha’s knee? Sasha says that she’ll be fine, but it was crazy that Bayley is the number one contender and was able to Bayley to Belly Nia Jax off the second rope. Bayley has beaten Charlotte before and can do it again. Sasha says that after Bayley wins, we can have Sasha versus Bayley. Sasha says that if Charlotte tries to play games, she’ll have Bayley’s back.  Charlotte joins the conversation. Why would people believe that Sasha cares about Bayley? Sasha has never defeated Charlotte at a PPV and neither will Bayley. Nia Jax appears and punches Sasha. Charlotte attacks Bayley and sends her into a case. Nia kicks Sasha in the knee. Charlotte thinks she has an ally in Nia, but Nia grabs Charlotte and pushes her against the cases.

Jack Gallagher vs. Drew Gulak

Gulak and Gallagher goes into the collar and elbow tie up. Gulak backs Gallagher into the ropes. Gallagher with the go-behind, but Gulak responds with a single leg takedown. Gallagher traps Gulak’s ankles. Gulak tosses Gallagher to the outside. Gulak goes on to bodyslam Gallagher into the ropes.  Gulak with a flying lariat off the second rope for a two count. Gulak applies a rear chin lock.  Gulak with a double shot to the gut of Gallagher. Gulak whips Gallagher to the corner. Gallagher plays mind games with Gulak. Gallagher with a leg scissors takedown. Gulak goes for a discus lariat, but Gallagher counters with a vicious headbutt. Gallagher connects with a running corner dropkick to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jack Gallagher by pinfall.

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Shawn Michaels returns WWE Raw 09/01/2017 The WWE Hall of Famer heads to the ring and grabs a mic. Michaels tells the crowd he needs to take a breath because that is a long walk to the ring. He says he missed the fans and getting to come out here on a regular basis. Michaels talks about things “picking up a little bit” with the Royal Rumble being just down the road. He talks about the Rumble being in his home town of San Antonio and how he won the WWE Championship 20 years ago at the Royal Rumble. Michaels talks about Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins being in the Rumble this year. The crowd starts a ONE MORE MATCH chant. Michaels says, Don’t you try to pressure me. He said that he’s really here to talk about his new movie called The Resurrection of Gavin Stone. Rusev’s music hits and he walks out with Lana and Jinder Mahal to interrupt. He congratulates Michaels on his new movie. Enzo Amore (in a motorized wheel chair) and Big Cass head out on the stage with mics in hand. Enzo does the usual introduction on the mic as they head to the ring. He says the realest guy in the room right now is here and his name is Shawn Michaels. Enzo asks what we have over here? Michaels says, what the kids call them today, haters! Enzo says Lana is a great actress pretending to wake up in the morning and like what she sees in Rusev. Big Cass says if he was going to put any of them in a movie it would be The 40 Year Old Virgin, Puss in Boots, Beauty and The Beast and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Rusev tells them to shut up. Big Cass offers to finish this right here and right now. Rusev says Cass has a match…but a match with Jinder Mahal. Cass leads a “SAWFT” chant. Michaels says he plans to stay out here at ringside for this match next and then leads the crowd in a “SUCK IT” chant. That match is up next.

Big Cass vs. Jinder Mahal

Big Cass is working over Jinder Mahal in the corner. Cass catches Mahal with a big knee to the gut. Cass also catches Mahal with a quick shoulder tackle. Mahal with a running knee to Cass. Mahal with a quick dropkick to the head of Cass for a two count. Cass with a splash and then tosses Mahal across the ring. Cass with a second splash and Rusev with a distraction from ringside. HBK with Sweet Chin Music to Rusev at ringside. Cass has Mahal up, hits a modified side slam and then drops a big elbow to get the pinfall.

Winner: Big Cass by pinfall.

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Neville vs. Lince Dorado

Dorado with a head scissors takedown sending Neville out of the ring. Dorado with a suicide dive catching Neville on the outside. Back inside, Dorado goes up top and catches Neville with a cross body for a two count. Neville with big kicks to Dorado and then works over his left arm. Neville gets Dorado on his shoulder and dumps him hard on his back. Neville blocks a huricanrana attempt by Dorado, lifts him up to his shoulders and drops him down on his face. Neville applies the Rings of Saturn. Dorado taps out.

Winner: Neville by submission.

After the match Neville attacks Dorado. And Rich Swann made a save.

Luke Gallows Vs. Sheamus

Karl Anderson is on commentary. Anderson attacks Cesaro on commentary and that distracts Sheamus who was up for a Brogue Kick. Gallows plants Sheamus down face first on the mat and Sheamus kicks out. Cesaro almost gets the Cesaro Swing on the stage on Anderson. Gallows looks up at the ramp and gets distracted. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick on Gallows for the win.

Winner: Sheamus by Pinfall.

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Mick Foley requests The Undertaker appear

Mick Foley and talks about depths of hell. He said no knows The Undertaker better than anyone. Stephanie McMahon enter the  ring and admits Foley has had some success putting Sheamus and Cesaro together, the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match and putting Chris Jericho in a shark cage at the Royal Rumble. Stephanie says Foley finds a way to go forward and then take two steps back bringing up putting the Cruiserweight division on the line, Braun Strowman being out of control, the injuries to Sami Zayn and allowing Smackdown Live to beat RAW in the ratings. She talks about his latest empty promise to try and deliver The Undertaker. Foley goes to apologize when the lights go out and The Undertaker’s gong hits. Undertaker comes out and says I’m back and said he will enter the Royal Rumble match and says if anyone stands in The Undertaker’s way they will Rest….in….Peace.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Charlotte and Nia Jax

Jax tags herself in, Charlotte tosses her at Jax and Jax drops Bayley with a scoop slam. Jax knocks Banks off the ring apron and tags Charlotte back in. Charlotte with a chop to Bayley and Jax held her. Jax tags herself in as Bayley goes for a roll up on Charlotte. Jax levels Bayley with a big charge. Jax hits the ropes and drops a legdrop over Bayley to get the pinfall.

Winner: Charlotte and Nia Jax by pinnfall.

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Kofi Kingston vs. Titus O’Neil

Woods starts distracting Titus and throws Kofi over the top rope into Woods and Big E. Titus chases down Kofi. Back in the ring, Kofi catches Titus with the Trouble in Paradise and he hooks the leg for the win.

Winner: Kofi kingston by pinnfall.

After the match a promo comes saying that Brock lesnar will return to the ring next week.

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Handicap Match

WWE United States Championship Match Roman Reigns (c) vs. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

Jericho goes for a springboard dropkick and Reigns catches him with a Superman. Owens is holding the leg of Reigns as he tries to get in. Jericho with a Codebreaker on Reigns. Owens has Reigns on his shoulders and gives him a powerbomb over the ring apron! Owens and Jericho slide Reigns back in. Jericho is slapping Reigns in the face as Owens throws right hands. Jericho with another Codebreaker on Reigns, Jericho hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Jeri-KO by pinfall and New United States Champion Chris Jericho.

And Raw goes off air.

After the match The Undertaker comes out and Chris Jericho talks trash on The Undertaker. But the Undertaker puts him down with a chockslam. Kevin Owens was scared and try to co operate with the deadman but The Undertaker give him a chockslam And Leaves.



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